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BBC Radio

Alexandra Kremer is a regular on the  radio and has appeared on Talk Radio, BBC5 Live, UCB Radio, BBC Humberside, Sussex & Surrey as well as being a regular guest on BBC 3Counties Parenting Show.

Weaning & Sleep - BBC 3CR
Gentle Parenting - BBC Sussex & Surrey
Birth Trauma - BBC Humberside
Gentle Parenting - BBC 5 Live

Mother & Baby Magazine

"The Big Question"

Q: How can I encourage my three-year- to become a bit more independent?

Jeremy Vine on Channnel 5

From Amanda Owen giving birth in the middle of the night without waking the family, to the baby born in a toilet, we heard some very interesting labour stories today. 

Mother & Baby Magazine

"My second birth was so healing"

Meet Alex, who had a great team to support her through labour...

The Telegraph

Having the period talk with your eco warrior child

Here’s what you need to know before you talk to your children about periods...

Furniture Choice

5 Expert Tips For Teaching Your Child Correct Table Manners.

Parenting expert Alexandra Kremer shares 5 tips to teach children correct table manners.

The Sun Online (Fabulous)

BUSY mum-of-two, Alexandra Kremer 33, is always on the hunt for time-saving hacks when looking after her two sons, Rufus, four, and Eden, two.

Lux-Life Parent & Baby Awards


Alexandra Kremer - Birth & Parenting Specialist has been awarded Best Birth & Parenting Support Service.

The Telegraph

How to get your child back on track before school - in six steps...

UCB News

7% of new mums get PTSD - but 1 in 5 said their GP didn't ask about emotional wellbeing

Family Flight Hacks

If you’ve got young children and a long-haul flight on the horizon, it’s only natural to feel slightly nervous, particularly if you and your children haven’t flown for that long before. 

Shine Magazine

Top tips for travelling with kids this summer...


Finding YOU in the Face of Fertility: When to Get Support

Mother & Baby Magazine

Alexandra Kremer is a parenting coach, specialising in sleep and behavioural issues...

The Parenting & Technology Report. 

The Sun Online (Fabulous)

Meghan Markle's bendy THUMB means she could have an 'earlier and quicker labour' and be a hands-on mum.

Yahoo Style UK

Should 'sharents' get their child's consent before posting pictures of them online?

The Sun

& Fabulous

'Stars Gave Us Inspo'

These four mums are empowered to breastfeed their baby wherever they may be.

Mother & Baby Magazine

Her Very First Noel

You don't need to wait 'til your baby is born to enjoy Christmas together...

Yahoo Style UK

Should we all be bathing our babies in buckets, like Chrissy Teigan?