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For parents of children aged 0-4yrs

This is an interative Facebook group for members of the 'Alexandra Kremer - Birth & Parenting Coach' community.


Parents who dare to head in a new direction. The direction of ease, of effortlessness, of a life parenting that is so much less complicated than we are led to believe. A life of connection with our children. It is about understanding your baby, toddler and pre-schooler, however that looks at the time.


It's about learning the development, science and research behind your child.


It's about learning how to support them and how to manage the difficult times.


It's about learning how to look after yourself as a person as well as a parent and make sure you don't get lost in the noise that parenting brings.


It's about learning to trust your instincts and to follow your own voice.


It's about advocating for yourself and your children.


So, if you want to practice self love, be the parent you've always desired to be, raise your child in the way that is right for you and your family then this is the place to be. This is the life I live, it is the life I support my clients to live, and for the FIRST TIME I am opening the doors on my LOWEST EVER PRICE membership, at £29 per month, so I can help MORE OF YOU live this.

For £29pm you'll receive:

  • Weekly live group training

  • Weekly live group Q&A

  • Monthly training with another expert

  • Support from me, Alex, Monday-Friday

  • Peer support

There are no contracts, no time limits. Join for as long as you find it helpful and useful to you.

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