Happy Parenting Course & Workshops

Understand your child and become the best parent you can be 

Are you ready to ditch the never ending cycle of shouty stressed parent and get your children to hear you?

Discover a New Way to create connection, love and HAPPINESS in you and your family!

Each night before you fall asleep you promise yourself you'll handle things differently tomorrow. You look at your angel sleeping - so calm, so quiet, so peaceful.  SO LOVEABLE. 



You promise yourself you'll STOP the shouting, you'll find a new way to connect with your little one... you'll find the strength to work out how to speak to them so that they actually hear you! 

By the time you've got them ready in the morning, you've had a relapse. You feel stressed, frustrated and annoyed. There may have been a little shouting or even under the breath swearing!



Why was it such a battle to get them dressed? 





Why won't they just eat the food that you've put in front of them. They loved it yesterday - how can it be so disgusting today? How can you have a meal ever again without getting up and down and pandering to the new daily requests your mini demands for? 



I bet you wonder how other parents do it. I mean how does Sarah manage to get her kids to listen to her without rising her voice like a screaming banshee?! 

I've had many parents ask me how I did it, as a single mum to 2 young children. How did I get through each day, each battle without losing my sh*t?

The truth is I didn't.


I did however decide to take some drastic self care actions. I reread up what was developmental and age appropriate for my children. 

I found a way to connect with them and myself again. 

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This can be you! 

You can be a stress free parent! 

You can learn how to get your child to do what you've asked with EASE

You are totally ready to understand your child and how to connect with them on their level. 

You're driven by a love of your little one. You don't want hinder their growth. You want a future for them where possibilities are endless! 

You both have a future where the possibilities are endless! 

Imagine building a connection so strong with your child that they can come to you for anything. Knowing you won't judge them but will only support them and guide them through. 

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Happy Parenting - Online Course

Happy Parenting is a series on online workshops designed to support parents in their journey. You will learn and understand more around normal child development, neuropsychology and behaviour as well as how to deal with the tricky situations that arise in your day to day life with your child. 

The workshops are interactive and will be held online via video conferencing and you will be given the opportunity to share and ask questions should you choose. PDF workbooks will be emailed out at the end of the full programme which will support your learning going forward. 

To get the most out of the programme, I'd suggest booking the full course (£89), alternatively you can book individual workshops (£30 per workshop). Each session will last a maximum of 2hours and it's advised that children are not around if possible. 

Happy Sleep


1st Feb 2020


In this workshop you'll learn:

  • What 'normal' baby and child sleep patterns look like.

  • Why babies and children can wake frequently at night.

  • How you can encourage more sleep.

  • Why the way you parent at night matters.

  • How you can use this new found information to help you manage this tiring time.

Happy Behaviour


15th Feb 2020


In this workshop you'll learn...

  • What happens in a toddlers brain during a tantrum

  • Effective ways of handling these meltdowns

  • How you can raise an emotionally intelligent child

  • Why respectful parenting doesn't also mean permissive parenting

  • How to nurture those those fantastic toddler qualities

  • How to upgrade your praise to make it effective

  • Why punishments doesn't need to be part of raising your kids

  • How the way you parent affects your child's brain

Happy Eating


29th Feb 2020


In this workshop you'll learn:

  • Why toddlers suddenly become picky

  • Strategies for encouraging more eating

  • Tools to create calm at the kitchen table

  • Ideas to help your child develop a healthy relationship with food

  • Support in navigating this tricky time

Happy Parent


14th March 2020


In this workshop you'll learn:

  • Techniques to manage your own stress levels 

  • What your triggers are and how to use them to support you

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Ways to connect with yourself and your partner again