• Alexandra Kremer

Finding YOU in the face of infertility

My BABA recently published an article I wrote on looking after yourself and getting support in the face of fertility struggles. (Read article here)

Having seen first hand the emotional upheaval, relationship struggles and personal difficulties that fertility issues have had on people close to me, I decided to add another string to my bow by completing the Freedom Fertility Formula Coaching training.

Ran by the wonderful Dany Griffiths (who coincidentally is also founder of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme). I spent last year learning how to support couples on their journey. As with anything that tears our world apart, we rarely look towards self care to get us through and instead focus on how to change the situation or delve in the whirlpool of despair, not knowing how to resurface in a way that won't break us forever.

This is where the Freedom Fertility Formula (FFF) steps in. It is a set of sessions designed to work with one of both partners. We work together to liberate you from the tyranny of infertility. We delve into the emotions we have, the stories we tell ourselves and we use tools that help get you back to being you, so that whatever the outcome, you can still enjoy life on your terms.

If you'd like to know more or have a chat about how I can support you, then please contact me on 07834 589 606 or alex@alexandrakremer.co.uk