• Alexandra Kremer

Love Your Pregnant Body

Look who got caught rather heavily pregnant sitting next to the plate of biscuits at Mama’s Meet yesterday! 🙈

One thing I’ve realised in this pregnancy more than ever, is that everyone shows/grows/is pregnant differently.

With my first I was depressed, I wasn’t working, stopped exercising and ate crap. I went from a size 6 to a 12! I hated seeing myself in the mirror. I hated people for the comments. I didn’t want to be naked.

This time I’ve been working, happy, running around after my son, eating better (I was vegan for the first half of this pregnancy) and I’m still the same size I was last time.

The difference is that this time I genuinely love my body.

It has consistently amazed me of how much it is capable of.

It has given me two pregnancies, it fed my son for just over 2yrs, it has overcome abuse in many forms, and yet here I am healthy, happy, large and proud of my stretch marks.

I know it will feed this baby, I know I will bounce back ( albeit likely a different shape) and that it will continue to sustain me and my family.

Today I love my body. I don’t cringe at seeing this photo yet I would have last time.

Today I’m proud of my body.

Today I am in awe at how special the female form is