• Alexandra Kremer

Meeting Your Baby for the First Time

So you've spent the last 9 months planning and thinking about labour, then you have the baby and suddenly you realise you were a little less prepared for this moment!

Fear not. You've got this. Take your time.

Sometimes we forget that women have been giving birth for centuries and that all that innate wisdom is already within us. So breathe. Take a moment. Hold your little one close and trust your instincts because no matter what anyone else says, the only person who will ever truly know what's best for you or your baby is you.

I can give you practical advice for that first moment like... ensure you get skin to skin as it aids bonding and breastfeeding, as well as helps to regulate babies temperature. But the crux of the matter is that you'll hear all of that from everyone else. You don't need me to tell you (unless you want me to of course, in which case I'll be there by your side supporting you in whichever way you need.)

What you won't hear is it's okay, but...it is!

It's okay to feel overwhelmed

It's okay to not have that rush of love so many talk about

It's okay to ask for help

It's okay to say no to anyone holding the baby

It's okay to not get out of the house for as long as you and baby need

It's okay to stand up for yourself and your baby and to do things the way you feel is right

It's okay to ignore the rule books and parenting experts*

It's okay to stop, take a moment and look inwards because you've got this and you don't need anyone to tell you otherwise.


*as I said - the only expert on your baby is you!