• Alexandra Kremer

Should you be allowed to smack your child?

If we hit another person it’s assault.

If we hit our wives/husbands it’s domestic violence.

If we hit our animals it’s animal abuse.

Yet we’re allowed, and even encouraged in some circles, to hit our children.

I won’t say smack, it’s still hitting. Changing the name may make a difference to you, but changing the name is there to ease guilt and to distance ourselves from the fact it’s child abuse.

Children’s rights should be one of the most important things in our society.

These children we discipline in such a way are our future, they will be the ones to grow up and lead the way. Is it right that we damage them in the process?

It saddens me the way we treat children still in today’s society. Like they are property that we own. There is still such a big element of they should be seen and not heard and god forbid you take your child out for dinner with you.

When did we, in a world based and thriving around science, decide to throw that same scientific evidence out and decide that children are just mini adults?

Everything we know points to the fact they don’t have the same responses, emotions, development, intelligence and mentality as adults, and yet we expect them to be act as we do.

Now is a time for change.

There is another way.

Let’s allow our children to be children.

Let’s heal the hurt of generations.

Let’s make a better world.

If you don’t know where to start, then do contact me as I can point you in the direction of shed loads of books and evidence on the neuropsychology and development of children.

This is why I became a BabyCalm & ToddlerCalm Consultant. It’s why I became a hypnobirthing practitioner.

The change starts as early as birth. The birth of a child and the birth of a parent.

We have a choice.

What’s yours?